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  • Earn Silver Shop Vouchers

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  • VIP Shopping Nights

So you've heard a little about the Silver Shop Loyalty Club and you're wondering what it's all about?  Read on and discover all the fabulous benefits of becoming a member! 

Not a Member? Would you like to become one?     

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Member Benefits

As a member of our Silver Shop Loyalty Club you will receive these special offers and benefits:

  • Earn Silver Shop Vouchers to be spent on 'Silver Treats' for yourself or that someone special!

  • Be the first to know about our New Season Releases and End of Season Clearances

  • Invites to exclusive VIP Nights

How to Earn Silver Shop Credits

Earn 4 Silver Shop Credits with each $ (dollar) spent at any Silver Shop*.

Once you have accumulated 2,000 loyalty points, you will be eligible for a $20 Silver Shop voucher which will be created in store and is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

You can use your voucher as payment on any purchase at any Silver Shop.

*excludes sale items, repairs and cleans.

Other Fantastic Benefits of being a Silver Club Member... 

Saved Transaction History 

As a member of our Silver Club, we are able to retain a full history of all your purchases and attach to your account. Simply present your card at time of purchase and all purchase history will be saved. Here are three good reasons to always let us know that you are a Silver Club member... 

Warranty Claims 

Should you find yourself in the unlikely situation that your favorite Silver Shop piece has not lasted the distance, we can refer to your purchase history to confirm item details and purchase dates allowing easier processing of any claims.

Insurance Proof of Purchase

Unfortunately for our customers, we do deal with a lot of Insurance Claims at the Silver Shop.  Should you find yourself in this situation, we are able to quickly and easily refer to your purchase history and supply the necessary information to your insurance company to help you get your favourite Silver Shop pieces back in your jewellery box as soon as possible.

Personal Style/Brand Trends 

When you have so many beautiful Silver Shop pieces, that special someone can find it difficult to find you that something special!  We can refer to your purchase history and help your gift-giver to select the ideal gift for you, avoiding doubling up and unsuitable styles.