Cultured diamonds created through a meticulous process that mirrors the beauty of nature’s wonders, ensuring every piece exudes the authenticity of the earths finest creation.

Arora embodies timeless elegance and brilliance with its 9kt yellow and white gold setting and lab-grown diamonds. Arora features cuts such as Oval, Marquise, Round Brilliant, Pear, and Emerald in a range of rings, pendants and studs (sold as a single or in a pair). We have also combined some stone settings and in doing so have brought to life our “mixed fancies”.

Each piece in this collection is a testament to the enduring beauty that transcends the ages. From the sparkle that captures the essence of starlight to the impeccable craftsmanship that ensures every facet tells a story, these diamonds are not just accessories but cherished reflections of moments. Join us on a journey where each piece is a celebration of love and strength.

Arora is a journey of your unique story. Welcome to a realm where luxury meets sentiment, and every diamond tells a tale of enduring love and unparalleled glamour.

What are the benefits of lab grown diamonds?

The benefits of lab grown diamonds include high quality, reduced environmental impact, lack of labor concerns, and overall increased accessibility for wearers.

Quality. One benefit of lab grown diamonds is that the stones produced are of a purity and class rarely found in nature. They have the highest brilliance, transparency and symmetry.

Sustainability. Another benefit of lab grown diamonds is the environmental factor. Natural diamonds are a limited resource, and the methods used to extract them are increasingly invasive. Lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, are friendly towards wildlife, ecosystems, and habitats, and the materials used are much less likely to be exhausted in the long term.

Ethical. Some diamond mining companies have a history of child labor and funding political violence, and while conflict-free natural diamonds exist, there is a lack of confidence in the enforcement of those standards. Lab grown diamonds are considered an ethical and conflict-free alternative.

Accessibility. Conflict free lab grown diamonds are more accessible to the general consumer. Now, many diamond lovers can enjoy colours, cuts, and carats that were once out of reach.

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