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We offer a curated selection of necklaces for every taste and occasion. From timeless classics to bold trends, find your perfect necklace in sterling silver, 18k gold plated and solid gold. Explore a variety of styles such as chain necklaces, pendants, coin necklaces, chokers and more! Whether you are looking for a gift or a statement piece for yourself, Silvershop has the perfect necklace to elevate your look.

Our collection includes a variety of sterling silver, 18k gold plated and solid gold necklaces, perfect to take your look from day to night. Mix and match lengths, textures, and finishes to create a look unique to you. Add earrings and bracelets for that little something extra. 

Looking for something personal? Shop our charms and initial necklaces for a more sentimental look. Making for the perfect gift or keepsake to cherish. For the timeless styles, we have cross, heart and zodiac necklaces.  

With styles for both women and men, from delicate gold and silver chains to chunky statement necklaces. Find the perfect piece to elevate your everyday style or add a hint of elegance for a special occasion. Shop now to find your new favourite piece! 

1. Can I wear my necklace daily?  

In short, yes, we all have our favourites we like to wear daily. To keep your necklace looking its best use the golden rule of last on, first off. When dressing make your jewellery the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Take special care when removing jackets and jumpers as your necklace may get caught, causing damage to your special piece.  

2. How should I store my necklaces to prevent tangle? 

When not wearing your jewellery ensure all chains are individually stored to avoid tangling and knotting. For long-term storage, we suggest storing your jewellery in an airtight container.  


3. What is the best way to layer my necklaces?  

To layer necklaces effectively, mix different styles and chain thicknesses to create depth and interest. Start with a shorter choker or an initial necklace and add longer pieces like a silver chain necklace or a gold-plated necklace. For a cohesive layered look, ensure your necklaces' metals either match in finish or complement each other. Play with textures, like layering a brushed sterling silver necklace with a sleek, polished piece. To customise your layered look use one of our chain extenders.  


4. How do I clean and care for my necklaces? 

To ensure the longevity of your necklaces, remember to treat them with care. Avoid wearing your jewellery while sleeping, bathing, swimming, or exercising to prevent damage or tarnishing. Always apply perfumes and hairsprays before putting on your necklace - adhering to the last on, first off rule. Always remember silver is a malleable (soft) metal; so, be gentle. To get your necklace looking like new again shop our jewellery care kit.  


5. How can I personalise a necklace for a gift? 

Personalising a necklace adds a special touch to your gift. Consider an initial necklace or a heart necklace for a uniquely personal and memorable present, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.