SILVERSHOP is the destination for top brands and exciting, original, emerging jewellery designers. Discovering young, new brands to complement our Australian and international labels is our passion. Our purpose is to discover, create and inspire by bringing our clients the latest in fashion and collectible jewellery. We believe in the purity of silver, which is an essential element underpinning our eclectic range of quality jewellery, watches and accessories. We’re boutique in size and ethos: you won’t find those traditional styles that fill the large jewellery chain stores at SILVERSHOP.


The ancient symbol for silver, a three pronged symbol representing Silver as one of the seven metals of alchemy (gold, silver, mercury, copper, lead, iron & tin). A contemporary colour pallet of black, charcoal and white along with complementary pastel colours based on season we feel we’ve captured the essence of our jewellery and clients.


Our tag line ‘Pure Alchemy’ is in keeping with the ‘origins of silver’ theme along with our values and our jewellery.

PURE - Free from tainting matter, clean and wholesome.
ALCHEMY - A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.

Discover your look at SILVERSHOP where style and fashion alchemy happen. We create a shopping experience that’s fun, energetic and professional. Our ‘silver girls’ are style conscious and love the jewellery they sell. They’ll show you how to combine pieces from our range of brands to express your style through the jewellery you wear. For the shopping savvy, head online to select your favourite pieces. Our diverse range of jewellery and accessories are both fashion and unique hand crafted pieces.

Since opening our first store in Toowoomba in 1999, SILVERSHOP has established itself as the premier destination for quality sterling silver jewellery, watches and accessories. SILVERSHOP aligns with quality Australian and International brands and as the name suggests, specialises in sterling silver jewellery.  

Our Silver Stylists are selected for their unique personality, attitude to life and love of the jewellery they sell.  We aim to create a fun, energetic and professional environment in all our stores with customer service being our priority.  Along with in-depth product knowledge, our staff are style conscious and love to help you create a look unique to your personal style.

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